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The Birdman began in 2000 by my great aunt, Lynn. Lynn dreamed of having a gathering place for artists and musicians and a resting place, a sort of nest if you will, for the sweet community of Saint Francisville. At the time my great grandpa, her father, was actively carving the most beautiful handcrafted birds from wood and hand painting each one. The name Birdman came to her and seemed like the perfect fit to honor her dad and it just sounds too dang cool. Just like that the Birdman was open and in full swing. Through the years it has been THE hub for our exploding artist community here in my dear Saint Francisville. This incredible woman has put on hundreds of musical and art events for our community and though I will never fill her shoes, I hope to help carry her torch. 

My name is Lexi...I grew up in this place and it shaped who I am today. I am so proud of my family and so excited to be carrying on what they started. My husband and I met at Birdman in 2019, all thanks to that same incredible woman. In January of 2023 we purchased the Birdman with our two little girls and then our baby boy was born in August. I can't wait for my kids to grow up in this same cool and funky community that Birdman is at the center of. I only hope that I can do it justice and that each of you who visit enjoy it as much as I do.

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IMG_3994 2.heic
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